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South Central Alabama Broadband Cooperative District

About Us

The South-Central Alabama Broadband Cooperative District (SCABCD), a Special Purpose Capital Improvement Cooperative District. Created through a special legislative act codified in the Code of Alabama 1975 as amended at Chapter 11 section 99B. The act is intended to encourage and facilitate cooperative efforts by public entities to provide projects for their own use and for the use and benefit of their citizens and users. The SCABCD’s purpose is to own and manage a publicly funded community-owned high-speed Next Generation Broadband Network in South Central Alabama and the Alabama’s Black Belt Region. The district will leverage private and public resources to focus on this traditionally underserved and unserved communities and leverage subsequent incremental investments to give its communities access to a broader market through “Next Generation Broadband Technology and economic opportunities.

South Central Alabama Broadband Cooperative District


The strategy of the SCABCD is to leverage private and public resources to expand the infrastructure to serve the entire district and support and attract businesses to the area.

The South  Central  Alabama Broadband  Cooperative District  (SCABCD)  proposes to provide access, and/or connect,  anchor institutions, businesses and  premises  to a robust,  comprehensive community owned privately operated broadband infrastructure  to  stimulate  the  creation and retention  of  jobs, enhance educational opportunities, telemedicine  and bolster economic development and capital investment in the region. The project envisions a combination Middle Mile and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Comprehensive Community Infrastructure operating over a Converged Broadband Infrastructure Platform Design, which is a  hybrid fiber optic with wireless overlay, that will deliver service-provider-independent connectivity  to community anchor institutions  and critical facilities, and Last Mile connections to commercial and residential households in seventeen economically  distressed  counties  in Alabama:  Bullock, Butler, Choctaw, Conecuh, Crenshaw, Dallas, Escambia, Green, Hale, Lowndes, Macon, Montgomery, Morengo, Perry, Pickens, Sumpter and Wilcox as well as the Poach Band of Creek Indians.

South Central Alabama Broadband Cooperative District


To provide secure, reliable affordable and high quality converged telecommunication services anytime, anywhere for an accelerated inclusive socio-economic development.


To develop a robust and secure state-of-the-art telecommunication network providing seamless coverage with special focus on rural and remote areas for bridging the digital divide and thereby facilitate socio-economic development; create an inclusive knowledge society through the proliferation of affordable and high-quality broadband services across South Central Alabama and the Black Belt; reposition the mobile device as an instrument of socio-economic empowerment of citizen. Our goal is to provide efficiencies in communication technology consistent with urban areas while living in a rural area.


The following core values guide our behavior and help govern how we will work as a Cooperative District in addressing our mission and discharging our duties.

  • ACCOUNTABLE ALWAYS: We acknowledge the ownership of the decisions we make and the actions we take and we accept responsibility for the resulting outcomes without exceptions or excuses.
  • INTEGRITY FIRST: We will conduct ourselves at all ties in a manner that is ethical, legal, and professional with an unwavering commitment to honesty, fairness and respectfulness.
  • INNOVATIVE STEWARDSHIP: WE will challenge the status quo with regard to the wy public services are designed, financed, and delivered to the member communities and will manage our resources with the present and future generations in mind.
  • TEAMWORK WITH PURPOSE: We function as a team in partnership with our member jurisdictions and administrative staff. We are committed to creating a superior work environment for District employees who, in turn, are committed to delivering exceptional services to the citizens of our member jurisdictions. We are ambassadors for the District. We demonstrate professionalism in all we do. WE engage in critical thinking and deliberative discussion, and then, act with a sense of urgency to accomplish our goals, while remaining accountable for our actions.
  • TRANSPARENCY IN ALL DECISIONS: The process by which deliberations are initiated, decisions are made and actions are taken will always be done with a commitment to full transparency.

Business Strategy and Long Term Goal

The South Central Alabama Broadband Cooperative District’s next generation high speed network will consist of approximately 15,386 fiber miles of fiber-optic backbone cable intersecting the majority of cities throughout the 17-county region. It will provide the backbone over which existing telecommunications providers will transport their services to reach customers throughout the region.  As such,  the  initial  network  is  considered  a  middle-mile /last mile network;  a wholesale   system   that   provides   bulk   communications   services   to  telecommunications   providers   requiring affordable, high-speed connectivity. SCABCD will sell wholesale services to telecommunications providers enabling them to reach more of the 17-county market to which they currently have little if any access. In doing so, the network will support the long-term needs of telecommunications providers and will be the only system available to reach many in this predominantly unserved or underserved rural market.
Incumbent telecommunications providers, cable companies, cellular providers and wireless Internet providers will all utilize the system to transport their services across the region. The business model for the initial network is wholesale, whereby the SCABCD’s customers will be composed primarily of large telecommunications   providers   requiring   high-capacity services across the network.

Using this model as the primary driver of  revenues  in  the  early  years  will  allow  SCABCD  to secure  high-capacity,  cash-flow-generating  services  with existing providers  rather than relying solely on retail models that result in more moderate, organic growth. SCABCD has already begun engaging providers and seeks to develop interconnection   agreements   with   in the  near future as well as pre-sell capacity on the system to secure cash flows immediately once the network is operational.


In addition to the wholesale  market,  SCABCD  will  be connecting over 800 plus large anchor institutional customers, including  schools,  libraries,  government  facilities,  hospitals and  related  organizations  to  the  network  over  the  first  4 years,  providing  a  secondary  source  of  revenues  from  the retail  market  as  the  network  matures.  High margin retail services and residential customers will complement volume-based wholesale services to drive profitability higher and diversify revenue streams. In addition   to these   services, a complementary   overlay   of wireless services will be enabled throughout the region to be used by both wholesale providers and retail customers.

Long Term Goal

SCABCD will seek additional investment vehicles to provide capital for expansion of its network to serve additional customers throughout the region. This funding will be utilized for additional capital projects for network construction into communities within the region, further growing SCABCD’s retail base of customers, businesses and community anchors, while continuing to service its wholesale market.  SCABCD’s long-term goal is to become the primary provider of broadband telecommunications services within the South Central Alabama region and ensure the long- term sustainability of its member communities.  In doing so, SCABCD will help secure the long-term success of its region and enable the residents of South Central Alabama to prosper in the new digital economy.